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On the occasion of Picasso Year 2023, the Col·lecció Jordi Costa del Taller de Picasso de Barcelona has presented the historical posters of 1971 and 1972 in homage to Pablo Picasso for his 90th and 91st anniversary. The posters are witness to gallery attack suffered in 1971 for its association with the image of Picasso.

Tribute posters to Picasso from 1971.

The presentation of the posters was held at the Hotel Oriente on La Rambla, the same place where Jordi Costa, founder of Taller de Picasso, organized the Barretina de Xeixa meetings in the 1970s. In these meetings, artistic freedom was promoted against Francoism. Artists like Antoni Tàpies and Maria Aurèlia Capmany were honored with the barretina.

Hilda Bencomo shows one of the 1971 posters paying homage to Picasso’s 90th birthday; on the right, one of the historical images projected during the presentation, with the unveiling of the plaque in honor of the painter.

During the presentation of the historical posters, the art historian Francesc Fontbona highlighted the role of Taller de Picasso as a gallery that brought together artists at crucial moments in the history of Spain. The owner of the collection, Hilda Bencomo, remarked the validity of these historical works. The Amics de la Rambla association thanked the fact that this initiative to pay tribute to Picasso was carried out on the Barcelona promenade.

The art historian Francesc Fontbona next to the poster paying homage to Picasso from 1972, at the Oriente hotel.

More information: Salen a la luz los carteles del atentado a Picasso (La Vanguardia, 20-2-2023)

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